Art Contest Winners!

Student participation in this year’s art contest went beyond our expectations and wildest imagination! Most of the lower school students were so excited about the contest that–with the library and their teachers’ encouragement–they’ve done a fantastic job.  Since everyone was trying so hard to be different and creative, we ended up with a huge set of amazing drawings.

Finally, choosing the winners was the hardest part of the contest since each one of the     participants submitted their very best work. In the end, we had far more winners than we anticipated, simply because we were so impressed with the work that our students did.

Congratulations to everyone who participated- as far as we’re concerned, you are ALL WINNERS!

First Grade: Adam Y + Adam F; Hasnae + Sara + Imane; Nour

Second Grade: Yassir A

Third Grade: Noé; Lina; Jose

Fourth Grade: Salma B; M’hamed; Mehdi I

Fifth Grade: Noor E; Hiba

Sixth Grade: Kacem; Aya

Eighth Grade: Nadia

The theme was Monsters vs. Superheroes. Take a look at some of our students’ wonderful work!

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Art Contest again!

This spring, the AST Library is hosting another art contest for both lower and upper school. This time students have to follow a special theme for the contest: monsters vs. superheros.

Contest Rules: 

1. Invent and draw either a monster or a superhero. It should be from your own imagination only!

1. You can use any materials: colored pencils, markers, crayons, or even collage.

3. You can draw as many as you want! There will be one winner in each class.


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Movie Night : The Mummy

This Sunday, the AST Library will be hosting a special Movie Night for Grades 5-6. mumy

Date: Sunday, April 28th

Time: 6:00 pm to 8:15 pm (students must be picked up after the film by 8:15)

Movie: The Mummy                                                                                                                             Tickets: FREE!                                                                                                                                                                                     Please don’t forget to bring snacks to share!

REMINDER: students must have their parents sign permission slips in order to attend!

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Edible Book Festival

Did you know that even books could taste good? If not, then let me tell you that the Edible Book Festival is the only place where you can make and get the most delicious books.
The International Edible Book Festival started in April 2000 and since then it has been taking place at the same time every year in different parts of the world. This event combines the creative and the culinary talents of book lovers, book artists, and food lovers to celebrate their cultural differences and to share the love of books in a fun and unique way.

Usually, the challenge for participants is to make a piece of edible art related to books. It can refer to a book cover, a title, a scene, a character, or it can just look like a book. There are only two rules for participation: the creation must all be made of edible materials and it has to be inspired by a book. Then, all the edible books are displayed for all participants to admire, and finally judges award prizes in several categories. Take a look at some of this year’s edible books:

web_AroundWorld80Dates web_LittleMen web_OneFishTwoFish web_OnRockyRoad web_Twibite

the cat in the hat

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Book Review: The Mouse Island Marathon (Geronimo Stilton)

The-Mouse-Island-Marathon-Stilton-Geronimo-9780439841214Geronimo Stilton is not  a mouse to run in a marathon. But one day the coach Camp singed him up for the hardest marathon in the mouse island.

So, everyday he would wake up at 6:00 am to go training for the big day. The day was up, it was the big marathon. There were many old, young, skinny, fat, handicapped marathoners. So, Geronimo thought that he can win the marathon in a second and then the marathon was on.

In that long and hard marathon were many obstacles like a sandstorm, snowstorm, and they got chased by an enormous cat. But you can’t believe! Geronimo won the marathon!

By Noor E ( Grade 5 )

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Book Review: The Austere Academy (Lemony Snicket)

6300652_1The children in this time are not sent to a caretaker, but to a school. The school is so weird that the children just feel like running away from it.

The head of school, Nero, is having violin practice everyday, thirteen hours long. If a student doesn’t come to the practice, he has to give the head of school Nero a bag full of candy. And again, Count Olaf comes back to their miserable lives. He makes them run around the grass field from sunset to dawn. They’re extremely exhausted everyday.

Finally, they can show that the coach is Count Olaf. This time he doesn’t kill anyone, but he puts the whole school on fire and escapes. Mr Poe once again has to look for another caretaker for the Baudelaire orphans.

By Safwan (Grade 5)

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Book Review: Baby Island (Carol Brink)

baby_islandThis book is about two sisters that were going on a ship to visit their father in Australia. There was a storm so the the ship was going to drown.

Mary and Jean rescue four babies and took them with them. They ran to a little boat and all of them got in it. Fortunately, the little boat got to an island where they had to find shelter and get their own food.

Towards the end of the book, the girls met a man that hates children but when he met the cute babies he started to like children. Finally, the children got their parents in Christmas.

By Nour ( Grade 5)

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Book Review: How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel (Cressida Cowell)

showimage.phpThis book is about a boy named Hiccup who is a Viking. At that time humans and dragons were in war. Hiccup’s quest was to go find the dragon’s jewel.

He faced a lot of danger and found his lost friend, Fish-legs. When Hiccup found the dragon’s jewel, he had to go to his hide out but when Alvin the Treacherous shot something, the jewel fell out of Hiccup’s hand into the hand of Alvin. that’s how the book ended.

By Abdel Nor (Grade 4)

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Book Review: Skinny (Donna Cooner)

skinnyEver Davies is a fifteen-year-old girl who weighs over 302 pounds. But she has a reason to be fat. When her mom died, she tried to eat as much candy as her mouth could hold, to forget the sadness of her mom’s death.

At school kids make fun of her and call her names. One day Ever tries to have a weight loss surgery. After the surgery she loses 17 pounds every week. She loses more pounds, until she becomes pretty and SKINNY.

At last Ever tries out for a musical for the role of Cinderella. She gets the role because of her beautiful singing voice.

This book shows us that anything is possible if you believe in yourself! I recommend it to everyone!

Safae (Grade 5)

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