February Reading Contest!

This Month, AST Library is hosting its second reading contest of the year. Grades 1-2-3  are competing with each other… YES! 1st grade with 2nd-3rd and with no mercy!! The class that reads the most among the three classes, wins a Yummy collective prize! In addition to this, the three top readers in each participating class win special prizes! The rules are simple:

Book Choice: (Approved by teachers in advance)

  • The three participating classes should choose books according to individual reading levels.


  • each student must keep a reading journal where completed books are recorded. Extra journal pages are available in the library.
  • The reading journal should include each book’s titledate read, and a short summary.
  • Parents must sign next to the journal entry for each completed book.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that students have completed each book. Teachers may also double-check that students have completed their books.

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