Edible Book Festival

Did you know that even books could taste good? If not, then let me tell you that the Edible Book Festival is the only place where you can make and get the most delicious books.
The International Edible Book Festival started in April 2000 and since then it has been taking place at the same time every year in different parts of the world. This event combines the creative and the culinary talents of book lovers, book artists, and food lovers to celebrate their cultural differences and to share the love of books in a fun and unique way.

Usually, the challenge for participants is to make a piece of edible art related to books. It can refer to a book cover, a title, a scene, a character, or it can just look like a book. There are only two rules for participation: the creation must all be made of edible materials and it has to be inspired by a book. Then, all the edible books are displayed for all participants to admire, and finally judges award prizes in several categories. Take a look at some of this year’s edible books:

web_AroundWorld80Dates web_LittleMen web_OneFishTwoFish web_OnRockyRoad web_Twibite

the cat in the hat

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