Book Review: Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot (Dav Pilkey)

robotThis book is about a mouse named Ricky who is lonely. He wanted a friend. Dr. Stinky made a robot and wanted him to destroy the town. However, the robot refused.

So Dr. Stinky zapped the robot and Ricky saved the robot by kicking a ball at Dr. Stinky. That’s how the robot and Ricky became friends. Dr. Stinky wanted revenge so he turned a lizard into a monster.

After Ricky’s robot won the battle against the lizard, Dr. Stinky almost shot the robot. Ricky leaped on Dr. Stinky and shot his secret laboratory. The robot took Dr. Stinky to jail and everything was fine.

By Abdel Nor (Grade 4)

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