Book Review: Ivy and Bean (Annie Barrows)

ivybeanIvy is a lonely magician who always reads books. On the other hand, Bean has a lot of friends and hates books. She also hates her big sister, Nancy. Both their parents tell them to play with each other, but they never listen.

Until one day, Bean tries playing a joke on her sister. Bean goes hiding at Ivy’s house, because her sister finds out. Bean asks Ivy if she can cast the dancing spell on her sister. Ivy agrees.

First they work on Ivy’s witch costume. Second, they go to Bean’s backyard and get some worms. Last but not least, they cast the spell.

It doesn’t work for long because Ivy only thought of the words. She didn’t say them out loud. They are now good, very good, friends.

By Intissar (Grade 5)

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  1. Selma says:

    I really want to read the book now.

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