Book Review: Iggie’s House (Judy Blume)

iggieIggie traveled. She went to Tokyo to find a person who can tell her where her brother is. She kept asking people and searching. Then she found the best detective.

He said her brother was one of the best students, and the best students go to explore underground. Iggie felt frightened to go underground to find him, so two firefighters and scientists went with her.

They kept looking and looking. They even found mysterious things on the way. Suddenly they found a huge puddle. The detective knew that the students went in it, because there were strange bubbles, and the detective said, “They are dead, because nobody can survive in this kind of water.”

Iggie was soo sad. She didn’t stop begging them to go check, so the firefighter went. He found Iggie’s brother, a book, and a huge fish. He brought them back to the top. When Iggie’s brother opened his eyes, he found himself in the hospital. He said he went to the puddle to get a book so they can finish their experience.

By Hamza (Grade 4)

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