Book Review: Dragon Slippers (Jessica Day George)

dragonslippersCreel’s aunt gave her up to a dragon at a young age. Not because she was wicked, but because she was poor. Creel was taken by dragon after dragon.

Her last dragons, Shardas and Fenduil, gave her a pair of slippers that could control dragons. Shardas dropped her off at the King’s Seat, at a dress shop to be precise. She met up with a prince whose sister was a snob.

The princess, Amalia, wanted her slippers. So during the night, Larkin, a worker at the dress shop, gave the slippers to Amalia, who called the dragons to destroy the King’s Seat.

Luckily, Fenuil wasn’t under the slippers’ charm, so he helped Creel and Marta (another worker) make collars that are resistant to the slippers’ spell. The plan worked, and Creel opened a dress shop with Marta and married Prince Luka.

By Aicha (Grade 4)

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  1. Jumana Ahmed says:

    That’s a very good review, I think I will read this book! 😉

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