It seems like the second graders have caught storytelling fever.  This morning second grader, Douae El Fare showed up at the library with the following tale.  

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy.  They were sisters and brothers and they had no mom or dad.  They were living with their grandma and grandpa so they went to school and one girl named Cokoe was very crazy.  She wast the meanest in the school.  Once they went with  her to her farm.  She was very rich.  She had one horse and cow and sheep.  Her animals were the fattest animals in the world and her animals were all blind.  Once they heard mooooooooo.  They were running to their houses.  Their grandpa and grandma were dead so they died too.  The end.

Can you help our budding storyteller come up with a title for her story?

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