Book Review: Rachel Carson, Friend of the Earth (Francene Sabin)

Rachel Carson was a scientist who studied animals. She also loved to write books, and when she was small she used to send stories to St. Nicholas and he sends back to her a ten-dollar check. Rachel’s stories were about World War One. Rachel was an excellent student and was way up ahead from her classmates.Rachel loved writing, but decided to become a biologist. She loved studying animal life around her.

Rachel graduated from college and was awarded a summer study fellowship at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. She was given a one-year scholarship to John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. She also wanted to study for a master’s degree in zoology.

When there was no rain for farms to plant, Rachel Carson had a tough time paying their bills. While attending school, Rachel had three jobs because she had to pay the school. Rachel got married to Robert, Jr. and had two sons and then her husband lost his job. Her husband died and so she got a job and lived with her kids near the sea. She was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and honored by scientific groups and government agencies.

Rachel Carson was suffering from cancer since the spring of 1960. She had suffered a heart attack in 1963. Rachel died on April14, 1964 and a New York Times editor wrote, “She was a biologist, not a crusader, but the power of her knowledge and the beauty of her language combined to make Rachel Carson one of the most influential women of our time.

By Yasmine (Grade 6)

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