Book Review: Illuminated Progress, the Story of Thomas Edison (Roberta Baxter)

Thomas Edison was a very important man in our history. He was a man who invented many things that helped change the world, and make our world a brighter place. Thomas Alva Edison had started experimenting at a young age. He was partly home schooled by his mother, who was a teacher. Thomas then got a job selling newspapers and became a telegrapher.

Thomas started making improvements to it so it could send more letters further. That was when he started loving science. Thomas invented many things, such as the stock ticker, a machine that recorded the changes in stocks, the electric pen, and the phonograph. Thomas Edison’s favorite invention recorded a voice and then played it, and his most famous one of all is the electric light bulb. He also improved the movie camera, and a talking doll. Thomas Edison had huge laboratories in which he never stopped working, even at the age of 83 and partly deaf. He married twice and had 6 children in all. He had many failed inventions, mostly throughout the Great Depression, but he was always optimistic and believed he would succeed. Thomas had a great life being a great inventor, he was the Wizard of Melo Park (as he was known) who was one of a kind.

I personally love this book. I was fascinated by all the things this great man did. I think it is one of a kind. I recommend it to everyone from 4th grade until 6th because it’s an outstanding book to read who enjoy reading about biographies and people who made a change in the world.

By Dina (Grade 6)

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