Book Review: Abe Lincoln, President of the People (Yannick Oney)

Abe Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. He led a very poor childhood. Abe’s father loved to tell Abe stories. Abe’s father was a farmer who wasn’t good at reading or working, unlike his wife and Abe. Abe helped his father so much around the farm, carrying wood, carried water from the creek, plant seeds, etc. Abe had hobbies when he was small, like fishing or swimming, since he didn’t have a lot of neighbors. Abe went to a school two miles away, but sometimes he didn’t go to help out. His mother taught him instead.

They moved from Kentucky since they didn’t believe in slavery. They belonged to the Baptist Church. There was a lot of work there. His mother died when he was nine, so then his father married another woman. When Abe grew up he became very popular. He soon joined the New Salem Debating Society. He debated men who went to college. Abe wanted to be elected president, but his first try failed. He then got a chance to be a representative.

He then got to know a woman called Mary, who he later married. He then got a lot of chances to be in the government. Once he got all the votes from the north but no votes from the south, but he won and got to be president of half a country. They next had a big war called the Civil War. The war ended on April 9, 1865, when the South surrendered. Five days after the war ended a man from the south killed Abe Lincoln. It had a huge impact on the country. Abe had a funeral at the White House.

By Amine (Grade 6)

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