Today in Literary History: Clifford

Happy 50th Birthday, Clifford! Who would have known the beloved adventures of the big red dog began as a fluke? Just goes to show you even the most seemingly pointless pursuits, can breed something great. The Clifford series began as a series of 10 simple drawings done by a then fledgling artist Norman Bridwell. Then his wife pointed to one picture of a little girl and a big red dog and that picture found a publisher and grew into six original stories for children. Today “90 Clifford books that have sold more than 126 million copies in 13 languages. Clifford’s animated series on PBS is seen in 65 countries around the world. In September, Clifford’s publisher, Scholastic Press, reissued the original stories under the title Clifford Collection” (NPR). Come on into the library to borrow any of our 35+ Clifford books, including Clifford’s Birthday Party (P BRI) or to sign our Clifford birthday card. Celebrations to honor the big red dog were held worldwide including publisher Scholastic’s BIGGEST Birthday Party Ever in New York City to kick off a year long celebration of the series. Check out how one silly school in Virginia, USA celebrated. Students and classes can still get involved at any time. If you have an idea for how AST can join the party please let the librarians know!

Games and Resources for Learning through Clifford

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