Welcome to the American School of Tangier library. Open to all AST faculty and students, the library is a dedicated space for learning, research, and community. Through class sessions, special programs, and staff expertise, the library strives to

  • Support the development of research skills
  • Enhance learning through both traditional and multimedia resources
  • Foster innovation at all grade levels
  • Engage students in a vibrant community of learning

The library is dedicated to furthering AST’s mission to encourage academic excellence, personal integrity, and an informed world view within the student body.


The Library selected these online resources to help you make the grade. The answers are accurate, from the trusted sources that your teachers want and expect you to use.
You can use these online search engines free, at any time, just like Google. It’s easy to access and use—even if you wait until the night before your report is due!
So don’t trust just anyone to help you complete your next assignment. Use your library’s online search engines; there’s no better way to be smart and ace the grade.

1- Kids InfoBits

2- Student Edition – G6-G12

3- Britannica School Kg-G12

Kids InfoBits:                   Student Edition:

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Britannica School:

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